One Thing Ghanaians Cannot Forget or omit

  • Ghanaians believe that man is made up of soul (okra), spirit (sunsum), blood (mogya) and family (abusua) in a home/dom (fie) with a nice house (dan).

    The blood which comes from the Father or Mother determines the abusua or family group in different areas of Ghana. Abusua is not the same as clan or your home town.  Whereas abusua is a group or groups of people descended from one great-grand-mother on the maternal side, clan is a federation of four or five different groups of abusua or families with one recognised head.  Each abusua is identified both by its proper name and its common emblem, totem or symbol. These days because of “modernisation” and “progress” it is nearly impossible to tell what abusua a person belongs to unless you know what town a person comes from. Even coming from a particular town does not necessarily mean that the person is from the dominant abusua in the town. In Asante, the occurrence of this is fairly remote. This problem is likely to occur among the Fante.
    For example, although Saltpond is considered to be a Fante town, their ancestors are likely to be Akyem. So to find the abusua of somebody from Saltpond, one might have to head in the direction of Oda.

    Example  of such Abusua  from GhanaDom are:
    Aduana (Dog/Kramam/Bodom)
    Agona (Parrot/Akoo)
    Asakyiri (Vulture/hawk)
    Asenie (Bat/Apane/Bonsu)
    Asona (Crow/Adene)
    Bretuo (Leopard/Osebo)
    Ekuona (Bull/Buffalo)
    Oyoko (Hawk/Akroma/Asansaa)
    Other Abusua

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