Best president of the year 2015 - Barack Obama

  • Best president of the year 2015 - Barack Obama


    ACCRA24.COM can boldly confirm that, the church was born untainted but today, the church is sully, meaning they have damage the purity or integrity of the body of Yeshua HaMashiach on earth.

    According to ACCRA24.COM, President Barack Obama action must not be taken as a bad thing but good move for the church. And therefore, he was AWARDED the best president of the year 2015 by ACCRA24.COM.

    Let us consider the case, where by Gospel musician shows the whole world that, light and darkness can amalgamate, without differ in character.

     This Gospel singer, find it easy to dance to worldly music without a problem.
    Ask yourself, will JESUS dance to so called "Telemo" music from Ghana?.

    According to ACCRA24.COM, there is no differences between the light and darkness these days but in reality, light and darkness have differences.

    Christians and Pastors do what they want without a problem in the body of Christ.
    I am anti-homosexual but I think this can awake the SLEEPING CHURCH from places like "Telemo dance floor".

     For many years, they [Church] have not being doing EVANGELISTIC SERVICES, only entertainment in the house of God.

    No more house to house evangelism,
    No more street evangelism, 
    No more evangelism to the prostitutes or Gay, 
    Early morning preaching No more, 
    Bus preaching is now for only few guys. 

    Lack of all these services will automatically increase the amount of  life that disobey the purpose of Elohim.

    I only see shifting of church members from one denomination to the other. We have many preachers these days but all is just for INDOOR services, to gather already christians. And that is NO ministry.

    If the church will NOT REPENT and do the WORK OF CHRIST  or focus on the great commission at Matthew 28:16-20, Non-Christians will increase and as they increase, remember there shall be many laws against the church.

    AWAKE! AWAKE! CHURCH.  The challenge is good for people to think.
    I see a new paradigm shift that will soon take place in Ghana. Saying no, will not stop it but arise and do the work of Evangelism.

    money controls lifestyle and money can activate many laws.

    Two million homosexuals flooded the streets and performed a mock crucifixion of Jesus. A transgender actress played the part of dressing up like Jesus, being whipped until she bled, and then being crucified.
    This rally took place on the streets of the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo - UOL Brazil reported.

    In the early hours of Monday, federal congressman of the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo and pastor Marco Feliciano (PSC) posted messages on a social network website criticizing the demonstration.

    He accused the organisers of the parade of mocking the Christian faith and said that by being contrary to this type of act, he does not exercise prejudice or intolerance, but only freedom of expression and religion.

    President of the Commission of Constitutional Law of OAB-SP, Marcelo de Oliveira Fausto Figueiredo did not see crime in the act. “It was a strong demonstration, but in my point of view was within the freedom of expression.”

    Yes! It is time we love President Obama not to hate him.
    He has being used for a greater change in the Church.
    Sickness is the door to healing,  poverty is the doorway to riches and many more. So they are not enemies but enemies for good change. ARISE CHURCH!