Adding images to your Blogs

  • STEP 1: Click on "Upload" Buttom and you will see "Upload image". From here, just click on "Browse" to select image from your computer or mobile device.

    GhanaDom Tutorial

    STEP 2: After your click browse make sure to look for the image you want from your device or computer.

    When uploading you will see image below:

    GhanaDom Tutorial

    STEP 3: When upload is done, you will see it in your blog text. REMEMBER, where you want the image to be placed, hit that place

    with your mouse,  for my case I hit the top or beginning/genesis of the blog text. Imges are place in position, where you direct it. Or it will be placed in any position or the foot section of your blog text.

    GhanaDom Tutorial

    STEP 4: This step gives you the ability to resize images. First hit the uploaded image in your blog and you must see those

    indication as shown below, meaning image is selected , then click "Insert/edit image" icon as shown in image below to edite.

    GhanaDom Tutorial

    STEP 5: I now re-size image to 640 pixels width by 400 pixels height with image description. This section is NEEDED!

    Make SURE to CLICK "Save" or "Save changes" and you are done.

    GhanaDom Tutorial


    STEP 6: Below image shows the final work at the home page of GhanaDom.

    GhanaDom Tutorial


    Tutorial by

    Enjoy your time online.

    NB: Whenever you see image below, it means you have added a code that is not allowed or may be images are not in pixels.

    Know that camera scans photographs and encodes the image into pixels, that is why width and height is needed in PHP, HTML, CSS etc.

    not allowed image or code